“When we preach Christ crucified, we have no reason to stammer, or stutter, or hesitate, or apologize.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

We are very excited to be supporting this overseas ministry both through our prayers and financial gifts! See below for more information about Jews for Jesus, as they seek to reach Messianic Jews with the message of the Gospel.

We Are Jewish People Who Believe in Jesus…

and we want to tell everyone about Jesus the Messiah.

We engage the greater Jewish community with the message of Jesus so that more of our Jewish people will be spiritually transformed through knowledge and love of God. Jews for Jesus the organization was founded in 1973. However, we like to say we were “founded 32 a.d., give or take a year.” Today, our staff are active internationally in 13 countries and 24 cities.

Why Jesus?

Because of Who He is. Because of what He said. Because His reality transforms lives in the midst of a broken world. Because He fulfills the hopes of our Jewish people and of the rest of the world. Because He atones for our sins. Because believing in Him makes sense. There are as many reasons for “why Jesus” as there are followers of Him.

Who We Are

We reject the stereotype that Jewish people cannot be followers of Jesus, and we believe that both identities cannot only be embraced, but can enhance one another in beautiful spiritual harmony. About Us

What We Believe

Just like the disciples of Jesus and the authors of the New Testament, we are Jewish followers of the Messiah – 100 percent Jewish and 100 percent Christian. Statement of Faith

What We Do

We facilitate Jewish life and community all over the world, and we share with everyone we meet about the life-changing message that true peace can be found in Jesus.