“When we preach Christ crucified,
we have no reason to stammer,
or stutter, or hesitate,
or apologize.”
~ C.H. Spurgeon

Join us as Pastor, author, and speaker Scott LaPierre will teach us about Marriage God’s Way, on September 21st and 22nd!

Nearly everything in life comes with instructions – from the cell phones we use to the cars we drive. Yet when it comes to marriage, many of us struggle. Couples experience pain and conflict when love and joy should flourish. The good news is that God has provided instructions for marriage in His Word. Whether you are preparing for your wedding, are newlyweds, or marriage veterans, learn the biblical recipe for a healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationship!

At the conference you’ll receive:

~Five instructive, biblical marriage messages

~The Marriage God’s Way conference handout with lessons for each session, as well as helpful discussion questions to go through with your spouse. You won’t be asked to share any details of your relationship!

~A dessert buffet on Friday, and a brunch on Saturday morning.

Important information:

~A ticket is required for admission, and please note it is ONE ticket per PERSON.  Tickets are available on our Facebook Page.

~You may email contactcbcoffice@gmail.com with any questions.



6:00-7:00PM–Session #1:

7:00-8:00PM–Dessert Buffet & Fellowship

8:00-9:00PM–Session #2:


8:00-9:00AM–Session #3:

9:00-10:00AM–Brunch & Fellowship

10:00-11:00AM–Session #4:

11:00-12:00AM–Session #5:

12:00-12:30PM– Q&A/Discussion