“When we preach Christ crucified,
we have no reason to stammer,
or stutter, or hesitate,
or apologize.”
~ C.H. Spurgeon

“All ministries therefore must be submitted to this test:
If they do not glorify Christ, then they are not of the Holy Spirit.”  
~ C. H. Spurgeon

Please Join Us from 9AM – 10 AM on Sundays, before the Worship Service

What it’s all about….

Chris Green, one of our elders, is known for saying, “If you miss Discipleship Hour on Sunday, you’re missing half the meal!” He’s right. Our vision for Discipleship Hour is to touch on a variety of key topics for Christian Living that we wouldn’t otherwise have time for. Sometimes different men in the church teach through a course of study. Other times we use video series for this hour. Some of the courses we’ve gone through in the past are: Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Fundamentals of the Faith, The Peacemaker, Gospel Treason, Way of the Master, and Behold Your God.  As with our Worship Service, families are always welcome to attend this Discipleship Hour together!  We do offer a Children’s Discipleship Class called Generations of Grace for the children of CBC during this time.

Current Study – Revelation Overview

We are continuing our summer series through the book of Revelation. More details on this verse-by-verse study can be found HERE.